Saturday, 6 January 2018

I am Winter.

With all the snowy winter weather around at the moment, I have just realised that I do not have a winter poem on this blog.  There are some on my website, but here is a different one for those needing to embrace the winter season, but also to realise that Spring is not too far away!   It is written in letter form.

I am Winter,  King of Seasons.
Dear Autumn 
                                                    Time to go!
                                               Scram! Vamoose!
                                               It’s time for snow!

            I am Winter, King of seasons.

I bring snow for many reasons.

I decorate the walls and gates
                                      With mountain tops of fluffy flakes.

I am the White Knight of charm.

I bring stillness, peace and calm.

I freeze ponds to silvered mirrors.

I float icebergs down the rivers.

                                     I am the Black Prince of darker nights.

I bring the beauty of bright lights.

    I twinkle stars in frosty air.
                                     I bring the warmth of festivals to share.


I am the Ice Lord with ambition.
                                But when I meet the Spring Magician
                                  Who scatters snowdrops in the lane,

                    My icy grip will slip…..

      I die, defeated once again.

                                          So, Autumn, take your bow,

                                                    Time you went
                                                 It’s my turn  NOW!



                                                  King of Seasons.

                                              ©Brenda Williams

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

An ideal poem for small children, which will help to encourage their listening skills.
Listen Very Carefully…..!

Listen very carefully….Can you hear a noise?

It’s the chattering of teddy bears and other little toys.

They are travelling together to very snowy lands.

There’s a monkey and a panda, and a dragon, holding hands.

There’s a rabbit on a scooter, and rocket that can fly

They are travelling on moonbeams, high up in the sky.

There’s a robot on a tricycle, and an elephant in a car

They are travelling together, and I think they will go far.

Where are they going?  Would you like to know?

Listen very carefully…. while I whisper soft and low,

They are travelling to Lapland for a very special day

Where little elves will wrap them up and put them on a sleigh.’

Listen very carefully….to a sound that makes you tingle.

It’s the stamping of a reindeer’s hoof and little bells that jingle.

Soon the toys are travelling, travelling far away

Wrapped  in pretty boxes for a special kind of day.

                  Children everywhere are sleeping, in the magic of this night

Dreaming of the morning and waking in the light.


    Listen very carefully…..

Can you hear a noise?

Could that be Father Christmas, delivering the toys?

                                                                              © Brenda Williams

Monday, 13 November 2017

Remembrance Day.

Proud to know that the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Barrack's at Plymouth used my poem 'War Horse' at their Remembrance Service
for Horses of the First World War, on Saturday 11th November.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Only three days to go to that exciting bonfire night.  How well I remember making a guy, helping to build a bonfire, and watching those magical fireworks lighting up a dark sky! 

Here is one poem about bonfires........ but do visit my website:  www.brendawilliamspoet.co.uk for two more bonfire night poems called
'Bang! Crack!' and 'Bonfire Night'.


                     Crackle! Splutter! Sizzle!


says the bonfire

Glowing very bright

Crackle, crackle crackle

I am lighting up

the night.



says the garden fire

burning up damp leaves

Splutter, splutter, splutter

I am smoking through

 the trees.



 say the sausages

I am on the barbecue

Sizzle, sizzle sizzle

I’ve a sausage here

 for you!

© Brenda Williams 2012













Friday, 8 September 2017

This is a lovely golden time of year.  The fields around are harvested, and   giant rolls of hay decorate the landscape.  It is beautiful. 

Here is a poem to give thanks for Autumn days and harvest.

A Harvest Prayer

Thank you for the harvest 

When fruit and berries grow. 

Thank you for the ripening corn 

Planted long ago.

Thank you for the autumn 

And a warm and sunny day. 

Thank you for the harvest 

And crops to store away. 


Thank you for the sugar beet  

And fields of new mown hay 

To feed the cows and horses, 

When winter comes to stay.

                                                                ©Brenda Williams




Friday, 30 June 2017

Mysterious Moon

I have no excuse for including this poem, except that it is one of my poems which I really love.

Mysterious Moon

Each day,

a sleeping beauty

You hide away

and rest.

But now when dusk descends

and birds go silent in their nest,

You in your silver chariot,

Rise to ride the inky blackness that is space


Kissed by sunlight, show the brilliance of your face.


Each night

a lighthouse on the sea,

You light the way

and show

Your fragile secret shadows

on the drowsing earth below.


You, with stars in shimmering parade

Flood the world with wonder at the mystery you seem,


People tell you secrets and whisper all their dreams.


Each month

You tug the tides each way

 until from curving crescent

on the wane

You fill the stage of heaven

as you reach full moon again.


You, with your watchful, silent gaze

Have circled earth since it began


Are the only other planet who has known the tread of man.


                                      ©Brenda Williams




Friday, 26 May 2017

World Environment Day

World Environment Day for 2017 is on 5th June.

A lovely walk along the canal revealed two Canada Geese guarding their seven babies, and then a heron, standing on the path before me, slowly rose and flew gracefully by, like a pre-historic creature from long ago.  Which reminded me of all the natural beauty of our environment.  Here are some poems to reflect on.

               Images of elephants 

Silent elephants

In the dusty Savannah

Weeping together

For the loss of their leader

Killed for her ivory tusks 


 Elephants use tusks

For lifting heavy objects,

Digging for water

And scratching for minerals

Ivory hunters sell them


©Brenda Williams
in torrents
down mountain
sides steep.
Plunging and pitching
to lakes dark and deep.
and I flood
across rivers and plains
or gurgle
through gutters
and dribble down drains.
the spirit of water
born to flow and be free
to seep from snow
and ice floe
to surge and spray as the sea.
secretly stored,
within storm clouds
to drizzle, or drench
you with rain,
then trickle and travel below ground
to filter and freshen again.
the thirst of all creatures
It is I
who keeps plants alive.
I am the world’s greatest life source
without me
it couldn’t survive.
So please,
don’t waste or pollute me
as I nurture and nourish
earth’s crust.
For I ask you to try to imagine
a world that is covered
in dust.
©Brenda Williams